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 We build Lytework for businesses like yours:

We know it is difficult to accomplish all you need to run your businss. For years we watched our clients and ourselves struggle with simple estimating and invoicing. Keeping records is important, but it doesn't have to be so time consuming and difficult! Thats the reason we created the first onlin estimating and invoicing system. We made it fast and easy for ourselves and our clients. And they were excited to find it kept detailed records, allows many sales people to estimate on time with real time up to the minute products and pricing.

y did we do it? To make Invoicing simple. Now you can create and invoice in a few seconds. Send it to a client immediately via email, print and fax or standard mail. It is professional and easy!

 y Should you trust Lytework?
Lytework protects your information so that it is safe, secure, and accessible only to you and those you trust. We know that everything you do is yours, not ours and it is our charge to keep it safe. At any time you can also export and backup your data to your own hard drive!
y do we continue to do it?
It is our goal to provide fast and simple estimating and invoicing services that will help your business professionally sell to and satisfy your customers.. We will continue to work with professional accountant teams and clients like you to make Lytework better every day!

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